"We're better than news, we're truthful"
Jun 27, 2015

"We're better than news, we're truthful"

So says Kory Teneycke, the former VP of the new defunct Sun News Network and now Director of Communications for the PMO. 

The irony here is simply too much. He is at least half right. Sun News Network was premised on just about anything but the truth. It was highly partisan and served precisely to better right wing interests. Truth was irrelevant, and it was why I so often opposed what they were doing. So he is not wrong to think that when he was in the news, he was not truthful.

I was highly critical of Harper's choice of spokesman, for precisely this reason. Communication Directors are always going to be partisans; it is basically their job description to spin things in favour of Harper. Yet even among possible Communication Directors, Teneycke was a horrible choice, confirming the Harper had no interest in trying to advance a meaningful dialogue, and baseless partisanship would be the name of the game. Being truthful, of course, just isn't relevant.

This quote is the ultimate example of projection. He lied when he was in the news. He lies now. And he the ones he accuses of lying? The rest of the media that actually does the thing he was - and is - supposed to do: tell the truth. 

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